An Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Approach to Provide Healthcare to Migrant Farmworkers and their Families - Shared screen with speaker view
Caroline Ortiz
"Sobadores" are the traditional healers specializing in m/s issues, so perhaps one or more is available in the farming community areas. Another resource could be cultivating small medicinal gardens in the housing areas. Thank you for your dedication and work!
Marguerite Schlag
Thanks for your response. Great presentation
Elizabeth Mizelle
how large are the h2A groups in that area? 15 farmworkers? 50? per farm
Erin Ferranti
Latest statistics: Georgia went from 27,614 H2A positions certified in 2020, to 35,205 in 2021 (that’s a 21.6% increase from last year!).
Laura Layne
The program is implemented two weeks each summer but the work Lori, Daniel and team do all year round to plan and prepare for the program is one of the reasons the program has been so effective over 29 years! Thank you for all you do!!!
Anne Fink
I have a friend who works in industrial safety supply whom I contacted for solutions - especially eye protection
Anne Fink
Thank you for all that you are doing!
Laura Layne
Thank you!