Eviction and Health Equity: The Relevance of Housing Policy to Nursing Practice - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Curley
I think it is based upon the lack of recognition of the significance of housing opportunities
Catherine Curley
by health care and federal agencies
Catherine Curley
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Catherine Curley
Several years ago there were studies done by the Camden Coalition about the link between addiction recovery and stable housing
Catherine Curley
has there been any further work in this area?
Catherine Curley
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Jim Mendez
Thank you, Patrick for your attention to this important area. It is great to see one of our alums making a difference in the world. You represent the college well. As an NP in a nurse run clinic, we would often be managing issues related to housing insecurity at the same time we were managing HTN and diabetes. I want to agree with everything that you presented about this issue. Your work is truly important to the lives of patients.